Michael jackson Son?Eldest son?Girlfriend? Assets?home?annual income?adress?

Son? Eldest son? Girlfriend?

Eldest son of Prince Jackson was, I want to ardent love and Kuwait queen Remy alpha La, steadily dating and then Nikita Bess.


(Remi alpha)

However, so as not to be exposed to, such as that of the family, she and I seem to confidentiality agreement.


(Nikita Bess)

It’s painful thing for her, but I’m not help it because it is a big shot in the family.

Pocket money is seemed got enormous amount of money, to go out girlfriend seems to gift accessories.

It says it ‘s more than five million yen in total, monetary sense or would be okay?

Than that, I want you to work hard because ANYTHING as Father Michael.

The same thing because it is unreasonable and father, please do work, such as useful for the world to study at university.

Assets? House? Annual income?

Mine is most concerned about, vast heritage of Michael left in the family.

It is home First. By the way, I home I want another place (photo next)


House of name I “NEVER LAND”. I What kind of meaning?


This Maybe it already has been sold.

Peter Pan story of the fictional country … if any do good.

The death of the annual income of Michael is an amazing, seems more than 20 billion yen.

You’ll you do earns what. Royalties of the song? Goods distribution rights? I do not imagine.

There are a lot of debt, it can be repaid in haste has 40 billion yen likely.

Nante 40 billion yen, I what I bought? I do think many assumption of someone’s debt.

His legacy to think so, is also said to be 30 billion both 50 billion, but for the bereaved family it does not keep in there is a conflict of flesh and blood.


Also to will come out ex-wife, but it does not understand Even thatillegitimate child.

Nantes CD · record in a lifetime, because seems to have sales of more than1 billion copies.
Relic of goods also to lucky is expensive at auction, it Would not do become significant burden to young children.
It might be unhappy in reverse too there is money.
America ‘as, It looks like the people who were lottery winners will be published. It is a country you do not know translation.