Michael jackson Skin?Bleaching?Sick?White?Children?Prince? Billie Jean? DNA?


Music and PV means that the video is taken together, Michael Jackson became the pioneer of the promotional video.

And from gone, trying another six years passed since, but it was impressive even now If you look at the video.


Originally debuted, I was impressed with all mankind when you first saw him dance “moonwalk”.

Not that it did once or twice?I am doing even now.

But, does he face did not feel that it abnormality of his later years?

Looking to bad In shaping my bad habit of it had feel is of something incident.


It seems haunted by this image. Skin is very white, it seems disease called vitiligo.

And it is said to be bleached, but it is not.

Beginning turns white from the time the “Thriller” will be released, it seems to have become completely white by the time of “Dangerous”.

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It is a disease that is unfamiliar but, in order to suppress the progress of the condition, it is so had a parasol when going out.

When you’ve suffered a large burn in the Pepsi Cola CM in 1984, it is so hastened the progression of the disease.

In any case, his death does not know well. It seems cancer or myocardial infarction.

Exclusive attending physician, seems anesthetic was administered to him not sleep was in the lethal dose.

It from, and what was the Why not sleep the body. Whether there was a mentally cornered be situation.

In the Internet, mouth sealed with someone of conspiracy? There are also rumors that, it seems to have settled in the arrest of the attending physician.

Children?Prince? Billie Jean? DNA?

After the death of Michael, do you wonder what happens remaining family. It will care.


You will have a child is three. Eldest daughter, the eldest son, second son.

In fact the have inherited the blood of Michael, it seems to the son of the bottom.

The name Mr. blanket Jackson. When the photo still young but is currently 13 years old.


Michael, the daughter and the eldest son just before the death says not connected to the blood as you.

Also, a man claiming to “my father’s Michael Jackson” appeared, illegitimate child uproar broke out.

The results of DNA tests, it has been to be a biological child with 99.9% probability.


His name is B · Howard.And so we have a singer, it is similar, but it can not be compared because it does not know the true face of Michael.

In the song “Billie Jean” of Michael, there are lyrics of the meaning of the “not my child”, the child will is that not it? B · Howard.

If not a child, you Would there need to sing the song on purpose? It is still likely to be something.

As me, do I think that he’s a son, but a illegitimate child.

After the death of Michael or What a conspiracy that was aimed at his legacy.