Taylor swift boyfriend?DJ?annual income?marriage?home?popular reason?album?South Korea?

boyfriend?DJ?annual income?marriage?

Taylor swift profusely intense and out of boyfriend.


Who Can I say, even if it is or who will hate such love?

Some pick-up from 2008 of information! It is a guy ex-boyfriend chronology.

Joe Jonas


It was a short period in 2008, but was abandoned from him in a phone call.

Taylor Daniel Lautner


2009, the catastrophe in which is also a short period of time. She seems to have got bored.

The memories with him, and that is communicated to the “Back To December”.

Lucas Till


2009, this also immediately catastrophe. Incredible metabolism.

He has also appeared in her PV “You Belong With Me”.

Other,John Clayton Mayer,Cory Allan Monteith…Harry Styles.

Of 2015 current lover, it seems Calvin Harris of popular DJ.


What about ¥ 18 billion in total annual income announcement of Forbes of this big couple!

When Taylor is that it is information of a 10 billion yen Harris 8 billion yen?

I do so much profitable for me DJ? I can not believe momentum to earn than Taylor.

Now I do not imagine to marry him, please enjoy more romance.


If this only earned that and do, you will care or live in any mansion.

We have purchased the home of two billion yen in New York Tribeca district in 2014.


There is also a villa in Rhode Island.


It is said the 1.7 billion yen at the time of purchase was paid in cash.

In addition, her fans think October 19, 2014, after the end of the live towards the 5th album “1989” announcement, was the fan 90 people who gathered in the raised its momentum was invited to his home in New York That’s it.


Usually they are also invited friends and acquaintances, but I have heard it and did not do too flashy.

popular reason?album?South Korea?

Taylor is always popular, I was able to somehow reason that continues or there is understanding.


One is, that you cherish the fan.

As of earlier, be referred to as the fan at home is impossible’m Japanese.

In concerts and live, my best is given to shake hands.

AKB48 because was doing such a thing, it is thought to have obtained the national popular.

Even when you have 100,000 people a concert at the Tokyo Dome in May 2015, Japan’s entertainer was also gathered.


Becky, Ayako Kato, such as Hasegawa Kyoko, many entertainers Will her was helpful.

Reputation is very best. Was from this member, I feel Fuji TV officials.

Even the content of the lyrics, because it has to express her life experiences and feelings, empathy for women often.

It was thought the most amazing, such as the live of the same singer that seems to rival, the thing is raised together with the general public of the face.

It ‘s respected.Blood type you are adult personality is friendly 24-year-old O.

You have been active and flying around all over the world even now, mainly native of the United States, of course, Canada, I guess there are many Australia.


Loose Asia, the Chinese language is … Koreans time? … Thailand is not a good enough aggressive because political problem … there.

Why It looks like Singapore is good, favorite seems to be the United Kingdom.

But the album is about 20 sheets, and I guess make when song so much busy.