Taylor Swift Terraced House?Lyrics?Album? Popular songs? Rankings? Song? List? Poor? Video?

Terraced House?Lyrics?Album?

Cute and well style, also good Taylor Swift song.

” God does not give the two products “ Who said and, I want to cancel.


Not people that were listening to the hit song “we are never” would not.

It was spreading to the United States and countries in a single song album CD “RED”


Views of Youtube videos abnormal. What a breakthrough in the room playing 300 million times!

It becomes OP song of the television show “Terrace House”, recording extends to somewhere! ?

When the Japanese translation of the climax lyrics in Japanese, “are we done already. There is not to go back again”

What it was so.And because it was cheerful nice climax lyrics, but I thought the fun thing, it’s was a cry of farewell.




Video is popular play this song on the guitar! Also playing Taylor. TAB notation is also out.

Popular songs? Rankings?

Introducing the rankings 10 popular songs of Taylor.

Amazing talent and made these yourself! It’s a “God” in addition to the fairy.

1. Love Story


2. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together


3. You Belong With Me


4. Mine 

5. Our Song 

6.「Shake It Off」 7.「Back To December」 8. Mean 9.「I Knew You Were Trouble」 10.「Picture To Burn」

Song? List? Poor? Video? Popular?

Let’s listen because there is a site that you can listen to the Taylor song. That’s PV videos.

“22” What cute that are Heart of sunglasses in the song.


But the song of such Taylor is tell me badly, or the United States that not a level high too.



Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift), the current 25-year-old born in December 13, 1989 USA Pennsylvania. She has a younger brother.

Height is 180cm! Foot size is 26.5cm! It’s also a possible model.

There was also the outing image cat out of uniform.



Father and mother just financial king in the work of banks and investment trusts. Strict parents.

In awakening to acting and music from a young age, and started writing songs from the time of the 10-year-old, the process goes on the road to singer-songwriter.

School days, but also received bullying, leading to now to overcome this.

Seemed grateful for this thing it is now, truly Christian.

It’s natural to some people to envy to see her talent, the future of life if you were to come to the well at all without any trouble I’m collapses immediately.

What is … love song in the movie are you to drama? The boyfriend?

I will Yes luck of course.

Next time I want to focus on the neighborhood.